Hans Severin Jacobsen


With a background in architecture and a craftsmanship education as a cabinetmaker, Hans Severin Jacobsen (b. 1990) combines principles from both architecture, art, and craftsmanship in his works. Hans Severin Jacobsen explores the encounter between materials in unprecedented contexts. Drawing from architectural principles, design, and craftsmanship traditions, the aesthetic values that arise when materials and techniques from different disciplines are merged are examined. Through his work, a dialogue emerges about how the industrial and the artisanal can challenge our perception of the inherent history and aesthetics of materials. Natural stone is a recurring element in Jacobsen's work. Carefully selected based on shape, color, and texture, he collects stones from fields and beaches throughout the landscape. Studio and workshop is located in rural Jutland, 40 km from Aarhus, Denmark.


Tableau, Copenhagen

Ruby Atelier, Copenhagen

Raasted, Aarhus